Character Themes

A character theme represents a focus for your character, which may be a result of your background, upbringing, training, or mystic destiny. You select a character theme at 1st level, gaining special benefits that reflect major aspects of that theme at 1st, 6th, 12th, and 18th levels. All abilities are extraordinary abilities unless otherwise noted. With your GM’s permission, you can even create your own theme that fits your character concept perfectly!

  • ACE PILOT: Thanks to steady hands and nerves of steel, you are skilled at operating starships and other vehicles.

  • BOUNTY HUNTER: Almost nothing will stop you from tracking down your quarries and returning them dead or alive.

  • ICON: You are a popular and respected celebrity within the bounds of colonized space.

  • MERCENARY: You are a well-trained soldier of fortune who works well with your companions in battle.

  • OUTLAW: Whether you are guilty or not, you are a wanted criminal in a city, on a planet, or even throughout the galaxy.

  • PRIEST: Your unshakable devotion to a philosophy or religion forms the core of your personality.

  • SCHOLAR: As an academic, you have a broad knowledge base and a thirst to expand it.

  • SPACEFARER: You live your life among the stars, seeking new worlds to explore and yearning for the next adventure.

  • XENOSEEKER: As you travel outside of Pact Worlds space, you strive to make contact with alien life-forms.

  • THEMELESS: You don’t fit neatly into any of the above categories, or you see yourself as a blank slate.