Serums are vials of magic liquid that you can imbibe as a standard action or carefully trickle down the throat of a helpless or unconscious creature as a full action. Serums are normally 1 ounce of liquid (though it is possible to make serums with larger volumes, these are no more effective than standard serums), and lose potency if they are mixed with any other material. A serum can be used only once. Regardless of a serum’s actual item level, all serum vials have their hardness and Hit Points calculated as if they were 1st-level items.

Serum of Appearance Change

Upon drinking this elixir, your coloration and the general form of your features instantly and permanently changes. Within the range that is normal for your race and sex, you can select any skin tone, hair and eye color, and alter the nature of such things as the shape or your nose or chin, the length of your fingers, broadness of your frame, and so on. You are still recognizable as yourself unless you attempt a Disguise check to alter your features enough to conceal your identity (comparing the result of this Disguise check to any effort to determine if you are the same person as your original appearance). In no case can you take on the exact appearance of another creature (even with a Disguise check; the level of control is not that fine).

Serum of Enhancement

This vial of performance-enhancing serum unlocks or enhances aspects of your body and mind. Imbibing this serum grants a living creature bonuses based upon the type of serum imbibed, as described below. The effects of a serum of enhancement last 1 hour.


The creature gains a +2 insight bonus to Acrobatics and Athletics checks, and it gains temporary Hit Points equal to half its level. If lost, these temporary Hit Points cannot be restored, and they do not stack with any other source of temporary Hit Points.


The creature gains a +2 insight bonus to Bluff and Diplomacy checks. Creatures with an Intelligence of 3 or greater also gain the ability to comprehend, speak, and understand one language that it has heard in the last 10 minutes.


The creature gains a +2 insight bonus to Computers, Engineering, and Physical Science checks and can attempt checks with all three skills untrained.


The creature gains a +1 insight bonus to Life Science and Mysticism checks and can attempt checks with both skills untrained.


The creature gains a +2 insight bonus to Sleight of Hand and Stealth checks and can attempt checks with both skills untrained.


The creature gains a +2 insight bonus to Intimidate and Sense Motive checks, and whenever it successfully demoralizes an opponent, it increases the number of rounds that the opponent is shaken by 1.

Serum of Healing

This vial of medical serum quickly sets bones and repairs other physical damage. It restores Hit Points when administered to a living creature.

Type Healing
Mk 1 1d8 Hit Points
Mk 2 3d8 Hit Points
Mk 3 6d8 Hit Points

Serum of Sex Shift

Mass production has rendered this once-rare serum easy and inexpensive to obtain among the Pact Worlds. Upon drinking this elixir, your biology instantly transforms to take on a set of sexual characteristics of your choice, changing both your appearance and physiology accordingly. You have some mild control over the details of this change, but you retain a strong “family resemblance” to your former appearance.

The elixir’s magic functions instantaneously and cannot be dispelled. Your new anatomy is as healthy and functional as your previous body’s, potentially allowing you to conceive, carry, or bear children (depending on your species’ biology). Drinking a second elixir of sex shift either reverts you back to a former form or allows you to adopt other sexual characteristics, as you choose. The elixir has no effect if you are unwilling, and the presence of certain sex-specific biological processes, such as gestation, may prevent this serum from taking effect.