Hybrid Items

Hybrid equipment makes use of both technology and magic; though not necessarily in equal measure, both forces are crucial to the item’s function. Effects that modify or otherwise apply to magic or technological items also work when applied to hybrid items.


In some cases, hybrid items may require charges. However, such charged hybrid items typically function in a different way from charged technological items, whose batteries must be recharged or replaced. A hybrid item’s charges are inherent to the construction of the item and can’t be replenished with generators or batteries. Charges for a hybrid item either refresh each day or never refresh, depending on the item.

Wearing Hybrid Items

Hybrid items you wear on your body count as magic items when you are determining how many you can use at once (see page 222). You can wear only up to two total hybrid or magic items at a time for them to both function normally. Like for magic items, you cannot wear more than one of the same type of hybrid item except for rings. For instance, you could not wear both a mindlink circlet and a tiara of translocation. You cannot wear a magic item and hybrid item of the same type at the same time.

Table: Hybrid Items

Item Level Price Bulk
Starstone compass 1 3 L
Mindlink circlet, mk 1 2 1,600 L
Efficient bandolier 4 2,000 L
Psychic booster 4 2,000 L
Digital harrow deck 5 3,500 L
Mnemonic editor, mk 1 5 500 10
Null-space chamber, mk 1 5 3,050 L
Mindlink circlet, mk 2 8 11,000 L
Null-space chamber, mk 2 9 12,250 L
Mnemonic editor, mk 2 10 3,000 10
Null-space chamber, mk 3 13 50,000 L
Mindlink circlet, mk 3 14 78,000 L
Mnemonic editor, mk 3 15 20,000 10
Null-space chamber, mk 4 17 250,000 L
Mnemonic editor, mk 4 20 125,000 10

Hybrid Item Descriptions

The hybrid items from Table: Hybrid Items are described below.

Digital Harrow Deck

A digital harrow deck is a modernization of an archaic means of fortune-telling whose roots trace back to vanished Golarion. Once per day, you can activate the deck as a full action. It projects holograms of 54 cards, which buzz around you. To begin the reading, you ask a question aloud to the harrow deck, causing all of the cards to come together as a deck; then, the deck uses hundreds of advanced pseudomystical calculations to deal a three-by-three array of cards for you, which it then uses to vocally interpret the circumstances surrounding your question. This works as the augury spell, with a spell level equal to the deck’s item level. Additionally, a mystic who has a digital harrow deck and who also knows augury can ignore the spell’s requirement that a Resolve Point be spent to cast it. A mystic can do this a number of times per day equal to his Wisdom bonus.

A technomancer can designate a digital harrow deck as her spell cache. If she does, the deck’s AI integrates with her own consciousness, providing her with a +1 bonus to her caster level for divination spells and effects. Additionally, she can spend 1 Resolve Point as a swift action when she casts a technomancer spell to draw upon the algorithms that allow the deck to function, adding a +1 insight bonus to
the spell’s save DC.

Efficient Bandolier

This bandolier fits over any Medium creature and contains five compartments, each corresponding to a specific type of weapon: melee weapons, small arms, longarms, heavy weapons, and explosives. Each compartment contains an extradimensional space designed to house up to 1 bulk of ammunition or batteries (for this purpose, 10 batteries or pieces of ammunition with no bulk count as having light bulk). The bandolier does not accumulate bulk even as its compartments are filled.

Each efficient bandolier includes an advanced AI capable of controlling the bandolier’s robotic components to suit your needs. As a swift action, you can command an efficient bandolier to draw up to 1 bulk worth of batteries or ammunition, placing the items directly into one of your hands.

Mnemonic Editor

A mnemonic editor consists of a complex series of brain implant injectors, digital harrow deck autoreaders, illusion runes, and virtual-reality programs, all controlled by an enchanted analysis computer and attached to a mobile surgical bed. The network of magic and technology is capable of removing experiences from a patient strapped to the bed over the course of a single 24-hour session. Skills and knowledge can be excised, lessons unlearned and muscle memory altered. Memories are not lost entirely; the patient still recalls what it did during its life, whom it met, and how it felt about the moments it experienced, but the impact of those experiences is subtly altered. The device then creates a new set of experiences—clearly artificial but no less effective—by leaving impressions and implanting new knacks, muscle memory, reflexes, and skills.

If you use a mnemonic editor, you can undo 2 character levels’ worth of decisions about which class levels you took, which feats you selected, how you applied any level-based increases to ability scores, how you assigned new skill ranks, and so on. All decisions you made as a result of advancing over the previous 2 character levels you gained are undone. You then make new selections, including new class levels, feats, skills, and the like, as if you had regained the 2 missing character levels. Go through the normal process of advancing your character through each of these 2 levels.

Each mnemonic editor works only once—the strain on its technology and the consequences of rewriting your past to even this small degree cause it to break down into valueless junk after a single session. Additionally, the alterations made to you render it more difficult for such extraordinary procedures to be effective in the future. A mk 1 mnemonic editor cannot be used on you if you have already benefited from one in the past. However, it is possible to use a more advanced mk 2 model that functions in the same manner, even if you have already used a mk 1 mnemonic editor. Of course, you can only benefit from a mk 2 mnemonic editor once. There exist even more advanced mk 3 and mk 4 models, and each can be used on you once even after you have used a lower-level mnemonic editor, but they are so expensive that they are usually produced only upon request.

Although items with powers similar to those of the mindlink circlet have existed in the Pact Worlds for thousands of years, the technological components of the this useful item were an innovation that made its powers readily available. The effects of a mindlink circlet depend upon its model, as described below.

  • Mk 1: You can telepathically communicate with any creatures within 30 feet with which you share a language. This functions like a shirren’s limited telepathy racial trait.
  • Mk 2: You can telepathically communicate with any creatures within 100 feet with which you share a language. This otherwise functions like a shirren’s limited telepathy racial trait.
  • Mk 3: You can telepathically communicate with any creatures within 100 feet that are capable of understanding language, including languages you do not understand. This otherwise functions like a shirren’s limited telepathy racial trait.

Null-Space Chamber

A null-space chamber is a circular device often designed to be strapped to an arm or backpack. When you press a button on the side, the device creates a circular extradimensional rift to a pocket space, the size of which is determined by the null-space chamber’s model. You can close it by pressing the button again, causing the entrance to the space to disappear. Anything stored within the space remains, however, traveling with the item. The null-space chamber can be opened and closed only from the outside.

The only air within the pocket space is that which enters when you open the entrance. The device does not accumulate bulk even as its pocket space is filled. Each null-space chamber is associated with its own particular extradimensional space. Each null-space chamber can carry a set amount of bulk, after which it can no longer be closed (even if it has room left for more material). Spells and items that contain or create extradimensional spaces, such as other null-space chambers, do not function within a null-space chamber’s pocket dimension.

A readout on a null-space chamber automatically catalogs all items within it, and if the chamber is open, you can call up any such item and have it placed in your hand as a full action.

  • Mk 1: You can close up to 25 bulk in this device’s pocket space, a 3-foot cube. It can hold enough air for one Medium creature or two Small creatures for 10 minutes.
  • Mk 2: You can close up to 50 bulk in this device’s pocket space, a 6-foot cube. It can hold enough air for one Medium creature or two Small creatures for 2 hours.
  • Mk 3: You can close up to 100 bulk in this device’s pocket space, a 9-foot cube. It can hold enough air for one Medium creature or two Small creatures for 2 days.
  • Mk 4: You can close up to 200 bulk in this device’s pocket space, a 12-foot cube. It can hold enough air for one Medium creature or two Small creatures for 1 week.

Psychic Booster

This circlet, originally designed by lashuntas, fits over the wearer’s brow and wraps around the wearer’s antennae (if any). A psychic booster augments the power of your inherent psychic abilities. If you have telepathy, the range of your telepathy doubles. (For instance, if you have limited telepathy out to a range of 30 feet, the range increases from 30 feet to 60 feet.)

Starstone Compass

This small, clockwork navigational device hones in on mystical signals emitted by the Starstone resting at the heart of Absalom Station, calculating the compass’s precise distance from and direction relative to the enigmatic font. While you are in the Pact Worlds system, this device lets you automatically know which direction Absalom Station is in relation to your current location, and it grants you a +2 insight bonus to Piloting checks when astrogating throughout the Pact Worlds system.