Sample Starships

This page presents a handful of ship models common (or at least well-known) within the Pact Worlds and allied planets. While these have been divided into particular groups, this doesn’t mean that only characters of that group can be found flying these ships. Rather, each group reflects the stylistic differences in starship designs and chassis due to the cultural heritage and preferences of the manufacturers. For example, since Veskarians developed starship travel independently of the Pact World races, their ship designs naturally have a different feel, showcasing their race’s particular aesthetics and values. Thanks to interplanetary trade, however, no one in the Pact Worlds today thinks it odd to find a vesk flying a shirren-style ship, or vice versa. Furthermore, most shipbuilding consortiums have seen the advantages of interchangeable parts, meaning repairing a ship of one style with parts salvaged from another is usually effective.

Even within a given group, however, starships are not uniform. The Pact Worlds alone have dozens of starship manufacturers, each with its own unique models and specializations, and these have been modified further to meet the goals of their clients. While more unusual ships—from Kuthite Shadowtears, whose tortured pilots lance through enemy formations like spears, to the massive Iomedaean cathedralships, whose proprietary archon drives carry legions of armored crusaders to regions of the galaxy under threat—aren’t detailed here, they do exist. Whatever your specific needs, there’s a starship company out there ready to build you the perfect ship—if you can afford it!