Breaching Gun, Vortex

Longarms Two-Handed Weapons Projectile

Level: 15

Price: 119,000

Bulk: 1

Damage: 6d10 P

Critical: Knockdown

Range: 30 ft.

Capacity: 16 shells

Usage: 2

Special: _Analog_, _Breach_, _Penetrating_

Source: Starfinder Armory


A breaching gun uses scattergun shells as ammunition against a single target at short range, dealing an impressive amount of damage and even tearing through doors and other objects. These weapons are most commonly seen in the hands of space pirates who need to blast through plastic interior doors, though expert users can use these weapons to break through airlock doors. Breaching guns also saw widespread use on Absalom Station in the aftermath of the Gap, as security forces desperately tried to maintain control over the station’s fractured and panicked population, which often required blasting through barricades and sealed interior airlocks. Utility, snub, impact, vortex, and grapeshot breaching guns are widely available on various worlds.