Coil Rifle, Assassin

Projectile Sniper Weapons Two-Handed Weapons

Level: 19

Price: 590,000

Bulk: 2

Damage: 12d6 P

Critical: Bleed 4d6

Range: 90 ft.

Capacity: 16 rounds

Usage: 1

Special: _Sniper_ (750 ft.)

Source: Starfinder Armory


A coil rifle is a long, slender firearm surrounded by a coil that generates carefully aligned magnetic fields that accelerate a single round with impressive power and accuracy. Precision coil rifles are the most affordable of these weapons, while specialist coil rifles have greater range and efficacy. Rangefinder, saboteur, and assassin coil rifles are especially deadly weapons that are appreciated by true connoisseurs, veteran mercenaries, and experienced firearm specialists.