Dirge Cannon, Parametric

Heavy Weapons Two-Handed Weapons Sonic

Level: 16

Price: 172,000

Bulk: 3

Damage: 7d6 So

Critical: Deafen

Range: 50 ft.

Capacity: 80 charges

Usage: 4

Special: _Antibiological_, _Blast_, _Unwieldy_

Source: Starfinder Armory


Pirates are the most common users of dirge cannons. The potbellied, shoulder-resting weapons cause a brief but intense sound burst at frequencies and pressure sufficient to rupture living cells while leaving inorganic objects unharmed. The result is a weapon that can eliminate a starship’s crew without causing any damage to the vessel or its cargo. Those who prefer lighter damage favor harmonic and resonant cannons, leaving anharmonic and parametric models for situations that call for carnage.