Energy Converter, Elite

Cryo Two-Handed Weapons Heavy Weapons

Level: 16

Price: 198,000

Bulk: 3

Damage: 3d10 C

Critical: Staggered

Range: 100 ft.

Capacity: 20 charges

Usage: 1

Special: _Explode_ (20 ft.), _Unwieldy_

Source: Starfinder Armory


Boxy devices covered with various gauges and protruding antennae, energy converters resemble dangerously experimental pieces of hardware. These devices invert matter-antimatter annihilation; instead of generating massive amounts of heat from a tiny speck of matter, an energy converter generates a tiny speck of matter by drawing an incredible amount of heat energy from a nearby area. Tactical, advanced, and elite energy converters each create relatively larger flecks of matter, drawing their energy from a larger area in order to do so.