Ice Launcher, Glacier

Heavy Weapons Two-Handed Weapons Cryo

Level: 15

Price: 108,000

Bulk: 3

Damage: 8d12 B & C

Critical: Knockdown

Range: 60 ft.

Capacity: 80 charges

Usage: 8

Special: _Unwieldy_

Source: Starfinder Armory


A decidedly unsubtle weapon, an ice launcher fires a huge block of ice at an opponent. The weapon is heavy and slow to fire, but the weight of the supercooled ice can knock an opponent to the ground and deal extensive cold damage. Aufeis and iceberg launchers produce small enough quantities of ice that it can be stored in the weapon’s square barrel, sometimes making them appear more like bulky appliance than weapons. The more complex floe, glacier, and icecap ice launchers generate a large amount of ice in front of the barrel proper, steadying the mass with clawed protrusions before firing.