Injector Pistol, Subjugation

Small Arms One-Handed Weapons Projectile

Level: 14

Price: 68,500

Bulk: L

Damage: 5d6 P

Critical: Injection DC +3

Range: 80 ft.

Capacity: 22 darts

Usage: 1

Special: _Injection_

Source: Starfinder Armory


Manufacturers worked to the specifications of xenobiologists to design and produce these firearms, which use magnetic fields to accelerate darts loaded with various substances for injection into the target. They do so far less gently than the smaller needler pistol, however, and they have become a popular tool for poisoners, slavers, and others with less scientific intentions. Medic and zoologist injector pistols are often used by xenobiologists studying unintelligent species; poacher, subjugation, and elite injector pistols are generally regarded as illicit since they more often used to target sentient species, though most markets nevertheless carry the weapons.