Multistage Rifle, Dual-Plus

Projectile Sniper Weapons Two-Handed Weapons

Level: 7

Price: 7,500

Bulk: 2

Damage: 2d8 P


Range: 50 ft.

Capacity: 2 mini-rockets

Usage: 2

Special: _Indirect_, _Sniper_ (500 ft.), _Unwieldy_

Source: Starfinder Armory


The multistage rifle requires mini-rocket ammunition, which it detonates in multiple stages. The initial firing of the weapon is a subsonic round that’s boosted by one or more subsequent, stronger discharges some distance from the user. This results in two effects that aid in obfuscating the user’s position: the sound of the weapon firing is displaced, and the later stages can cause subtle changes in direction, creating an impact angle that suggests the mini-rocket had been fired from a different angle. Dual and dual-plus multistage rifles use a two-stage firing process, while triple and triple-plus multistage rifles employ a three-stage process for added range. The quad multistage rifle is the only weapon on the market with an unrivaled four-stage firing process for maximum damage.