Shoulder Laser, Perihelion

Small Arms One-Handed Weapons Laser

Level: 18

Price: 383,000

Bulk: L

Damage: 3d8 F

Critical: Burn 3d6

Range: 40 ft.

Capacity: 23 charges

Usage: 1

Special: _Integrated_ (1 slot)

Source: Starfinder Armory


This laser weapon has a smooth, curved housing and an eyelike aperture, and it can be installed in an armor upgrade slot, leaving the wielder’s hands free for other tasks. As the name implies, most users mount the eyelike aperture over one shoulder, but it can work just as easily mounted on the torso or a forearm. Many shoulder laser users are androids who integrate them into their bodies as emergency weapons. Azimuth, corona, aphelion, and perihelion shoulder lasers are available in most areas.