Stellar Paragon

Level 20

You are the spiritual kin of the stars themselves. As a move action, you can raise or lower light levels within 30 feet of yourself by one step. When you enter a stellar mode, you gain 2 attunement points of the corresponding type immediately and are considered attuned, and when you keep your current stellar mode at the start of your turn, you can gain 2 attunement points instead of 1, allowing you to become fully attuned after 2 rounds.

In addition, you can spend 1 Resolve Point to gain enough attunement points to be fully attuned on the first round of combat (but not after using a zenith revelation), or spend 1 Resolve Point at the start of your turn in combat to exchange all of your attunement points in one stellar mode for an equal number of attunement points in the other mode. For example, you can switch from being fully attuned in graviton mode to being fully attuned in photon mode.