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Aeon Guard Specialist

Source: Alien Archive

CR: 7 XP: 3,200

LE Medium humanoid (human)

Init.: +8 Senses: blindsense (emotion) 60 ft., darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision Perception: +15


HP: 102

EAC: 22 KAC: 23

Fort: +9 Ref: +9 Will: +10, +2 vs. disease and poison


Speed: 40 ft., fly 30 ft. (jetpack, average)

Melee: tactical knife +13 (2d4+9 S)

Ranged: AG accelerator rifle +15 (3d4+7 P) or corona laser pistol +15 (2d4+7 F; critical 1d4 burn)

Offensive Abilities: debilitating trick, trick attack +4d8


Str: +1 Dex: +5 Con: +1 Wis: +2 Int: +4 Cha: +1

Skills: Acrobatics +20, Athletics +15, Computers +20, Piloting +15, Profession (soldier) +15, Stealth +20

Languages: Azlanti, Common, 4 additional languages

Gear: AG SpecOps armor (


Environment: any (Azlanti Star Empire)

Organization: solitary, pair, strike team (1 Aeon Guard specialist plus 7–12 Aeon Guards), or troop (1 Aeon Guard specialist plus 21–48 Aeon Guards)


The powerful Azlanti Star Empire maintains its hold on its subject systems through the might of its military, which is divided into two arms: the Imperial Fleet and the Aeon Guard. Aeon Guards are the elite infantry of the Star Empire; they serve as marines aboard the warships of the Imperial Fleet, protect imperial government and military installations, quell dissent and crush rebellions, and spearhead invasions to conquer and occupy new territories for the Star Empire.

Aeon Guards swear personal oaths of loyalty to the Aeon Throne, and only death in service to the empire can release them from their duty. Only humans are accepted into the ranks of the Aeon Guard, and all of them must be paragons of the Azlanti race.

Aeon Guards are readily identifiable by their distinctive armor, which incorporates the magic of the empire’s legendary

, and many are given cybernetic and biotechnological augmentations in addition to their standard-issue gear. The Aeon Guard stat block on page 6 represents a rank-and-file trooper who can be found almost anywhere within the Azlanti Star Empire or on one of its starships. Aeon Guard specialists are capable of operating for weeks or even months at a time with little or no support, carrying out secretive missions of espionage, infiltration, reconnaissance, or sabotage.